Binary package “invada-studio-plugins-lv2” in ubuntu bionic

Invada Studio Plugins - a set of LV2 audio plugins

 Distortion Plugins
   Tube - (Mono and Stereo version)
 Valve warmth/distortion simulation.
 Delay Plugins
   Delay Munge - (Mono and Sum version)
 Delay with munged (non-linear) feedback & delay calculator.
 Dynamics Plugins
   Compressor - (Mono and Stereo version)
 Peak/RMS soft-clipping compressor.
 Filter Plugins
   Low Pass (Mono and Stereo version)
   High Pass (Mono and Stereo version)
 Gentle high pass and low pass filters.
 Phaser Plugins
   Stereo Phaser (Mono, Stereo and Sum version)
 Long slow stereo phaser.
 Reverb Plugins
   ER Reverb - (Mono and Sum version)
 Early reflection based reverb.
 Utility Plugins
   Input Module (Stereo only)
 Alter gain, balance, width, phase on a stereo signal.
   Meters (Stereo only)
 Peak, VU, Phase and spectrograph meters.
   Test Tones (Mono only)
 Generate testtones at specific frequencies.