Binary package “libbio-asn1-entrezgene-perl” in ubuntu bionic

parser for NCBI Entrez Gene and NCBI Sequence records

 Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene and Bio::ASN1::Sequence are regular expression-based
 parsers for NCBI Entrez Gene genome databases
 They parse ASN.1-formatted Entrez Gene records and NCBI sequences,
 returning data structures that contain all data items from the gene records
 or the sequence records.
 The parser will report error & line number if input data does not conform to
 the NCBI Entrez Gene genome or NCBI Sequence annotation file format.
 Bio::ASN1::Sequence is basically a modified version of the high-performance
 Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene parser. However this standalone module exists since it
 is more efficient to keep Sequence-specific code out of