Binary package “libhtml-template-perl” in ubuntu bionic

module for using HTML templates with Perl

 HTML::Template attempts to make using HTML templates simple and
 natural. It extends standard HTML with the pseudo tags <TMPL_VAR>,
 <TMPL_LOOP>, <TMPL_INCLUDE>, <TMPL_IF> and <TMPL_ELSE>. These are used
 to implement some basic logic - variable substitution, loops,
 conditional branches - inside the HTML template, while leaving the more
 complex computations to separate Perl code. This keeps the template
 accessible for designers and other non-Perl people, without limiting
 the programmer.
 HTML::Template optionally stores its cache in shared memory using the
 IPC::SharedCache module. Please install libipc-sharedcache-perl and
 pass the shared_cache option to HTML::Template if you want to make use
 of this.