Binary package “libmodule-install-perl” in ubuntu bionic

framework for installing Perl modules

 NOTE: while Module::Install pioneered many great ideas in its time, its
 primary benefits have been better achieved by other tools, like Dist::Zilla,
 and its spinoffs. Use of Module::Install for new distributions is therefore
 discouraged by the maintainers.
 Module::Install is a package for writing installers for CPAN (or CPAN-like)
 distributions that are clean, simple, minimalist, act in a strictly correct
 manner with ExtUtils::MakeMaker. It will run on any Perl installation version
 5.005 or newer.
 It is designed to automatically include a copy of itself with modules that
 use it, thus ensuring that bleeding-edge features will be available for use
 in Makefile.PL in a simple and portable way. It is simple to learn, and has
 the same features as ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Build. However, it has
 the advantage that it requires no installation for end-users.