Binary package “libmstoolkit-dev” in ubuntu bionic

libraries for manipulating mass spectrometry data - dev files

 The MSToolkit is a light-weight C++ library for reading, writing, and
 manipulating mass spectrometry data. The MSToolkit is easily linked
 to virtually any C++ algorithm for simple, fast file reading and
 Supported File Formats:
   - read-only mzML including internal compression (zlib and numpress)
     and external compression (.mzML.gz) read-only;
   - read-only mzXML including internal compression (zlib) and external
     compression (.mzXML.gz)
   - read/write mgf, ms1, ms2, bms1, bms2, cms1, cms2
 Simple Interface:
   - Open any file format from a single function call;
   - Store any spectrum in a simple, comprehensive data structure;
   - Sequential or random-access file reading.