Binary package “libspectrum-dev” in ubuntu bionic

ZX Spectrum emulator library - Development files

 libspectrum is a fairly simple library designed to make the handling
 of various ZX Spectrum emulator-related file formats easy.
 So far it handles:
   * Snapshots: .z80, .szx, .sna (all read/write), .zxs, .sp., .snp
     and +D snapshots (read only).
   * Tape images: .tzx, .tap, .spc, .sta and .ltp (read/write) and
     .pzx, Warajevo .tap, Z80Em and CSW version 1 (read only).
   * Input recordings: .rzx (read/write).
   * Disk images: .dsk (both plain and extended), .d40, .d80, .fdi,
     .img, .mgt, .opd, .sad, .scl, .td0, .trd and .udi (identification
   * Timex cartridges: .dck (read only).
   * IDE hard disk images: .hdf (read/write).
   * Microdrive cartridge images: .mdr (read/write).
 This package contains the development files.