Binary package “libvldocking-java” in ubuntu bionic

Java components for building applications with Docking capabilities

 An application can be divided into sub-sets: the "dockables".
  - Each Dockable can be precisely positioned by the user, by a drag and drop
    gesture issued from its title bar.
  - Dockables can be grouped into tabbed panes.
 Every Dockable is given a title bar with a set of common functions (and
 keyboard shortcuts):
  - Maximize / Restore : the Dockable takes all the available space on the
  - Detach/Attach : the Dockable is extracted from its parent window
  - Iconify / Restore : the Dockable is changed into a side button : it appears
    only when the mouse is moved over it
  - Contextual pop-up menus : customizable title bars and tabs
  - Close / Closable tab