Binary package “man2html” in ubuntu bionic

browse man pages in your web browser

 Point your web browser at http://localhost/cgi-bin/man/man2html to read and
 search your man pages in the browser.
  * Fast C CGI program for man/BSD-mandoc to HTML conversion.
  * Works from the unformatted nroff/troff source.
  * Source may be compressed.
  * Does tbl tables (but not eqn equations).
  * Generates hypertext links to foobar(1), abc@host, and xyzzy.h files
  * CGI script for whatis-based alpha-indexes by section.
  * CGI script for name-only alpha-indexes by section.
  * CGI script for full text search (requires swish++)
  * Front-end script to talk to a pre-launched netscape.