Binary package “stx2any” in ubuntu bionic

Converter from structured plain text to other formats

 stx2any is a converter from structured text (Stx), which is plain text
 written in a standardised way, into other formats. Formats available
 currently include (X)HTML, man, raw text, DocBook XML, PostScript and
 Stx is a markup language in the tradition of plain text like markups,
 like wiki markup and ReST. For a comparison between different plain
 text markup languages, see stx2any's home page
 This package also has the following utilities:
  * strip_stx -- a literate programming tool
  * gather_stx_titles -- a script to automate cross-linking between
  * extract_usage_from_stx -- a script to produce "usage" messages from
    man pages written in stx
  * html2stx -- a utility to convert HTML into Stx.