Binary package “surf-alggeo-doc” in ubuntu bionic

visualization of real algebraic geometry -- manual

 Surf is a script driven tool to visualize some real algebraic geometry:
 plane algebraic curves, algebraic surfaces and hyperplane sections of
 The algorithms should be stable enough not to be confused by curve/surface
 singularities in codimension greater than one and the degree of the surface
 or curve. This has been achieved quite a bit. Curves of degree up to 30 and
 surfaces of degree up to 20 have been drawn successfully. However, there are
 examples of curves/surfaces of lower degree where surf fails to produce
 perfect images. This happens especially if the equation of the curve/surface
 is not reduced. Best results are achieved using reduced equations. On the other
 hand, surf displays the Fermat-curves accurately for degree up to 98.
 Surf is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
 This package provides the manual for the script driven tool surf; it also
 contains some script samples.