Binary descriptions:
  • baloo-dbg: No summary available for baloo-dbg in ubuntu zesty.
  • baloo-dev: Development headers for developing applications with Baloo
  • baloo-dev-dbgsym: No summary available for baloo-dev-dbgsym in ubuntu zesty.
  • baloo-utils: framework for searching and managing metadata.
  • baloo-utils-dbgsym: debug symbols for package baloo-utils
  • baloo4: No summary available for baloo4 in ubuntu zesty.
  • baloo4-dbgsym: debug symbols for package baloo4
  • libbaloocore4: Core funcationality for Baloo
  • libbaloocore4-dbgsym: No summary available for libbaloocore4-dbgsym in ubuntu zesty.
  • libbaloofiles4: No summary available for libbaloofiles4 in ubuntu zesty.
  • libbaloofiles4-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libbaloofiles4
  • libbaloopim4: PIM funcationality for Baloo
  • libbaloopim4-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libbaloopim4
  • libbalooqueryparser4: Query Parser for Baloo
  • libbalooqueryparser4-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libbalooqueryparser4
  • libbalooxapian4: No summary available for libbalooxapian4 in ubuntu zesty.
  • libbalooxapian4-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libbalooxapian4
Last common version: