Binary descriptions:
  • gnustep-base-common: No summary available for gnustep-base-common in ubuntu yakkety.
  • gnustep-base-doc: Documentation for the GNUstep Base Library
  • gnustep-base-examples: Examples using the GNUstep Base Library
  • gnustep-base-runtime: GNUstep Base library - daemons and tools
  • gnustep-base-runtime-dbgsym: debug symbols for package gnustep-base-runtime
  • libgnustep-base-dev: GNUstep Base header files and development libraries
  • libgnustep-base-dev-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libgnustep-base-dev
  • libgnustep-base1.24: No summary available for libgnustep-base1.24 in ubuntu bionic.
  • libgnustep-base1.24-dbg: GNUstep Base library - debugging symbols
  • libgnustep-base1.24-dbgsym: No summary available for libgnustep-base1.24-dbgsym in ubuntu bionic.
Last common version: