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php-symfony: set of reusable components and framework for web projects
php-symfony-asset: manage asset URLs
php-symfony-browser-kit: simulate the behavior of a web browser
php-symfony-class-loader: load PHP classes automatically
php-symfony-config: load configurations from different data sources
php-symfony-console: run tasks from the command line
php-symfony-css-selector: convert CSS selectors to XPath expressions
php-symfony-debug: tools to make debugging of PHP code easier
php-symfony-debug-bundle: debugging tools for the Symfony framework
php-symfony-dependency-injection: standardize and centralize construction of objects
php-symfony-doctrine-bridge: integration for Doctrine with Symfony Components
php-symfony-dom-crawler: ease DOM navigation for HTML and XML documents
php-symfony-event-dispatcher: dispatch events and listen to them
php-symfony-expression-language: compile and evaluate expressions
php-symfony-filesystem: basic filesystem utilities
php-symfony-finder: find files and directories
php-symfony-form: create HTML forms and process request data
php-symfony-framework-bundle: basic, robust and flexible MVC framework
php-symfony-http-foundation: object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification
php-symfony-http-kernel: building blocks for flexible and fast HTTP-based frameworks
php-symfony-intl: limited replacement layer for the PHP extension intl
php-symfony-ldap: abstraction layer for the PHP LDAP module
php-symfony-locale: deprecated replacement layer for the PHP extension intl
php-symfony-monolog-bridge: integration for Monolog with Symfony Components
php-symfony-options-resolver: configure objects with option arrays
php-symfony-phpunit-bridge: integration for PHPUnit with Symfony Components
php-symfony-process: execute commands in sub-processes
php-symfony-property-access: read from and write to an object or array
php-symfony-property-info: extract information about properties of PHP classes
php-symfony-proxy-manager-bridge: integration for ProxyManager with Symfony Components
php-symfony-routing: associate a request with code that generates a response
php-symfony-security: infrastructure for sophisticated authorization systems
php-symfony-security-bundle: configurable security system for the Symfony framework
php-symfony-security-core: infrastructure for authorization systems - common features
php-symfony-security-csrf: infrastructure for authorization systems - CSRF protection
php-symfony-security-guard: infrastructure for authorization systems - Guard features
php-symfony-security-http: infrastructure for authorization systems - HTTP integration
php-symfony-serializer: convert PHP objects into specific formats and vice versa
php-symfony-stopwatch: profile PHP code
php-symfony-swiftmailer-bridge: integration for Swift Mailer with Symfony Components
php-symfony-templating: tools needed to build a template system
php-symfony-translation: tools to internationalize an application
php-symfony-twig-bridge: integration for Twig with Symfony Components
php-symfony-twig-bundle: configurable integration of Twig with the Symfony framework
php-symfony-validator: tools to validate classes
php-symfony-var-dumper: Symfony mechanism for exploring and dumping PHP variables
php-symfony-web-profiler-bundle: collect requests information for analysis and debugging
php-symfony-yaml: convert YAML to PHP arrays and the other way around

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