Binary package “astropy-utils” in ubuntu cosmic

Command line tools from astropy

 The astropy package contains core functionality and some common tools
 needed for performing astronomy and astrophysics research with Python.
 This package contains the tools that come with astropy:
  * fitscheck: Detect and fix FITS standards violations
  * fits2bitmap: Create a bitmap file from a FITS image.
  * fitsdiff: Compare two FITS image files and report the differences in
    header keywords and data.
  * fitsheader: Print the header(s) of one or more FITS file(s) to the
    standard output in a human-readable format.
  * samp_hub: SAMP Hub Server.
  * volint: Check a VOTable file for compliance to the VOTable specification
  * wcslint: Check the WCS keywords in a FITS file for compliance against
    the standards