Binary package “boinc-app-eah-brp” in ubuntu cosmic

BOINC extension for Einstein@Home binary pulsar search

 BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a volunteer
 project to have regular citizens help with their compute power to address
 large scientific challenges. For details on the science please inspect
 the project's home page. To contribute, follow the "Add Project"
 selection box of the BOINC manager or use the command line interface
 of the BOINC client.
 This package provides an executable for the Binary Pulsar Search
 subproject of the Einstein@Home project. Regular users would
 auto-download that executable provided by the scientific project
 maintainers. The binary provided by this package is functionally
 equivalent to the official one. It was however compiled on the Debian
 build demons. As such it is available to many more platforms than
 what could possibly be provided by the scientists themselves.
 Also, recompiling the package is likely to yield an executable
 well-optimized for the local machine that outperforms the official
 Quite some also run the Debian-provided packages for security concerns.
 They already decided to trust the Debian community and appreciated
 that executable to ship with an inspectable source tree.