Binary package “kuipc” in ubuntu cosmic

CERNLIB data analysis suite - KUIP compiler

 CERNLIB is a suite of data analysis tools and libraries created for
 use in physics experiments, but also with applications to other
 fields such as the biological sciences.
 KUIPC, the Kit for a User Interface Package Compiler, is a tool to simplify
 the writing of a program's user interface code. It takes
 a Command Definition File (CDF) as input, which describes the
 commands to be understood by the program, and outputs C or FORTRAN code that
 makes the appropriate function calls to set up the user interface. This
 code can then be compiled and linked with the rest of the program. Since
 the generated code uses KUIP routines, the program must also be linked
 against the Packlib library that contains them.
 KUIPC is no longer actively developed, so aside from its use in the build
 process of CERNLIB, it is of mainly historical interest.