Binary package “python-roswtf” in ubuntu cosmic

Tool for diagnosing issues with a running Robot OS system - Python 2

 This package is part of Robot OS (ROS). roswtf looks for many, many
 things, and the list is always growing. There are two categories of
 things that it looks for: file-system issues and online/graph issues.
 For file-system issues, roswtf looks at your environment variables, package
 configurations, stack configurations, and more. It can also take in a
 roslaunch file and attempt to find any potential configuration issues in it,
 such as packages that haven't been built properly.
 For online issues, roswtf examines the state of your current graph and tries
 to find any potential issues. These issues might be unresponsive nodes,
 missing connections between nodes, or potential machine-configuration issues
 with roslaunch.
 This package contains the Python 2 library.