Binary package “shtool” in ubuntu cosmic

portable shell tool from the GNU project

 GNU shtool is a tool for developers of software programs.
 It is a compilation of small but very stable and portable
 shell scripts into a single shell tool. All ingredients
 were in successful use over many years in various free
 software projects.
 The compiled shtool program is intended to be used inside
 the source tree of other free software packages. There it
 can overtake various (usually non-portable) tasks related
 to the building and installation of such a package. It
 especially can replace the old, and
 related scripts.
 GNU shtool currently contains the following tools: echo,
 mdate, table, prop, move, install, mkdir, mkln, mkshadow,
 fixperm, rotate, tarball, subst, platform, arx, slo, scpp,
 version and path.