Binary package “sshpass” in ubuntu cosmic

Non-interactive ssh password authentication

 SSH's (secure shell) most common authentication mode is called "interactive
 keyboard password authentication", so called both because it is typically
 done via keyboard, and because openssh takes active measures to make sure
 that the password is, indeed, typed interactively by the keyboard. Sometimes,
 however, it is necessary to fool ssh into accepting an interactive password
 non-interactively. This is where sshpass comes in.
 SECURITY NOTE: There is a reason openssh insists that passwords be typed
 interactively. Passwords are harder to store securely and to pass around
 securely between programs. If you have not looked into solving your needs
 using SSH's "public key authentication", perhaps in conjunction with the ssh
 agent (RTFM ssh-add), please do so before being tempted into using this