Binary package “xml-core” in ubuntu cosmic

XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support

 This package creates the XML infrastructure directories and provides
 XML catalog file support in compliance with the current Debian XML
 Policy draft:
   * infrastructure directories:
      - /etc/xml
      - /usr/share/xml/{declaration,entities,misc,schema}
      - /usr/local/share/xml/{declaration,entities,misc,schema}
   * XML catalog schema: OASIS XML Catalog Committee Specification 1.0
   * update-xmlcatalog(8): tool for maintaining the root XML catalog
     file and the package XML catalog files in the '/etc/xml' directory
     as well as local XML catalog files.
   * dh_installxmlcatalogs(1): debhelper tool for installing local XML
     catalog files and registering XML entities in package XML catalog
     files and the root XML catalog file (requires debhelper package)