Binary package “cbindgen” in ubuntu disco

Generates C bindings from Rust code

 cbindgen can be used to generate C bindings for Rust code.
 It is currently being developed to support creating bindings for
 WebRender (by Mozilla for Firefox), but has been designed to support
 any project.
  * Builds bindings for a crate, its mods, its dependent crates, and their mods
  * Only the necessary types for exposed functions are given bindings
  * Can specify annotations for controlling some aspects of binding
  * Support for generic structs and unions
  * Support for exporting constants and statics
  * Customizable formatting, can be used in C or C++ projects
  * Support for generating #ifdef's for #[cfg] attributes
  * Support for #[repr(sized)] tagged enum's
 This package contains the following binaries built from the Rust crate
  - cbindgen