Binary package “gnat-gps” in ubuntu disco

integrated development environment for C and Ada

 GNAT Programming Studio is a complete integrated development environment
 that gives access to a wide range of tools and integrates them smoothly.
 GPS gives access to built-in file editing; HTML based help system;
 complete compile/build/run cycle; intelligent source navigation;
 project management; general graph technology giving access to many
 different browsers such as source dependency, project dependency, call
 graphs, etc.; fully integrated visual debugger, based on the GVD
 technology, and enhanced for inclusion in GPS; generic version control
 system, providing access to CVS, ClearCase, and possibly others in the
 future; many other tools such as a visual comparison, automatic
 generation of files, source reformatting.
 GPS is fully customizable, providing several levels of customizations:
 a first level, available through the preferences dialog; a second
 level, which allows you to customize your menu items, tool bar and key
 bindings; a third level, which allows you to automate processing
 through scripts; and a fourth level, which allows any kind of very
 specific or tight integration, due to the open nature of GPS, and to
 its architecture.
 GPS also integrates with existing editors such as Emacs and Vi.
 This package also provides related command line tools:
  - gnatdoc extracts documentation from comments in Ada sources
  - gnatspark runs a spark tool according to a GNAT project
  - gps_cli is a command-line interface for gnat-gps