Binary package “libatteanx-store-sparql-perl” in ubuntu disco

Attean SPARQL triple store

 AtteanX::Store::SPARQL implements a simple immutable triple store,
 which simply allows programmers to use Attean facilities
 to query remote SPARQL endpoints.
 This distribution also brings a corresponding AtteanX::Model::SPARQL,
 which allows query plans to be made,
 and an AtteanX::Store::SPARQL::Plan::BGP plan class,
 which contains a rudimentary cost estimate
 that attempts to avoid sending Cartesian joins to remote endpoints
 if possible.
 SPARQL is an RDF query language,
 that is, a semantic query language for databases,
 able to retrieve and manipulate data stored
 in Resource Description Framework format.
 Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a standard model
 for data interchange on the Web.