Binary package “libb2-dev” in ubuntu disco

BLAKE2 family of hash functions -- development files

 The BLAKE2 family of hash functions is an improved version of the
 SHA-3 finalist BLAKE.
 BLAKE2b is optimized for 64-bit platforms and produces up to 64 bytes
 of output; BLAKE2s is optimized for 32-bit platforms and produces up
 to 32 bytes of output.
 BLAKE2bp and BLAKE2sp are parallel versions of BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s
 designed for increased performance on multicore and large-vector SIMD
 libb2 provides a portable implementation of BLAKE2, optimized
 implementations for IA-32 and AMD64 processors, and an interface
 layer that automatically selects the best implementation for the
 processor it is run on.
 This package contains the development files for libb2.