Binary package “libcatalyst-model-adaptor-perl” in ubuntu disco

glue for Catalyst model modules

 The idea is that there's no need for a Catalyst model to be anything other
 than a line or two of glue. Using this module ensures that Model classes are
 separate from the rest of the application and therefore are well-abstracted,
 reusable, and easily testable.
 Right now there are too many modules on CPAN that are Catalyst-specific. Most
 of the models would be better written as a class that handles most of the
 functionality with just a bit of glue to make it work nicely with Catalyst.
 Catalyst::Model::Adaptor aims to make integrating that class with Catalyst
 trivial, so there's no extra work involved in makint the model generic.
 Catalyst is an elegant Model-View-Controller web application framework
 written in Perl.