Binary package “libconfig-model-dpkg-perl” in ubuntu disco

editor for Dpkg source files with validation

 This package provides Config::Model::Dpkg, a plugin for Config::Model
 and cme. Once this package is installed, cme is able to handle dpkg
 source file.
 For instance, the command 'cme edit dpkg' provides a graphical editor
 for most files of a package source.
 The command 'cme check dpkg' provide a command line that will check the
 package file, a bit like lintian. But this command must be run in the
 source package directory and can be run before building the package.
 Likewise, the command 'cme fix dpkg' will fix most of the warnings
 found by the command above.
 The command 'cme update dpkg' will update debian/copyright file
 from the content of the package source file.
 If the recommended package libconfig-model-tkui-perl is installed,
 you can run 'cme edit dpkg' to edit your package files with a GUI.
 You can also run cme with a more restricted scope with:
  * cme edit|check|fix dpkg-control
  * cme edit|check|fix dpkg-copyright
 For best results, you should install the latest available version
 of libmodule-corelist-perl.