Binary package “libconfig-model-perl” in ubuntu disco

module for describing and editing configuration data

 Config::Model is a Perl framework that enables project developers to provide
 an interactive configuration system for their software. It supports various
 frontend interfaces (graphical, curses-based or plain terminal) to users. It
 handles configuration files semantically rather than syntactically, meaning
 that developers can specify the structure and constraints of the data along
 with a mechanism to read and write the files.
 Using the structure and constraint information, Config::Model will generate
 interactive configuration editors that include help and data validation. It
 is equally simple to use graphical (via Tk) interfaces as well as curses-
 and ReadLine-based terminal interfaces.
 Config::Model also provides a facility to help configuration data upgrade
 that can be triggered during package upgrades.
 Config::Model provides configuration model and editor for:
  - popularity-contest
  - fstab (/etc/fstab)
  - multistrap
 Other configuration editors are available with other libconfig-model-*-perl
 Depending on which suggested or recommended modules are installed,
 Config::Model provides several user interfaces:
  - shell-like interface (with any of lib-term-readlin-*-perl)
  - virtual file system where each config parameter is mapped to a file
   (with fuse package)
  - graphical user interface (with libconfig-model-tkui-perl)