Binary package “libdist-zilla-plugin-modulebuildtiny-fallback-perl” in ubuntu disco

Dist::Zilla plugin that generates a Build.PL with fallback on Module::Build

 Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ModuleBuildTiny::Fallback is a Dist::Zilla
 plugin that provides a Build.PL in your distribution that attempts to
 use Module::Build::Tiny when available, falling back to Module::Build
 when it is missing and printing a warning about it.
 This is useful when your distribution is installing on an older perl
 (before approximately 5.10.1) with a toolchain that has not been
 updated, where configure_requires metadata is not understood and
 respected -- or where Build.PL is being run manually without the user
 having read and understood the contents of META.yml or META.json.