Binary package “libfennec-perl” in ubuntu disco

Perl module providing RSPEC, Workflows, Parallelization, and Encapsulation

 Fennec has been deprecated in favor of Test2::Suite, specificaly
 Test2::Tools::Spec and Test2::Bundle::SpecDeclare.
 Fennec started as a project to improve the state of testing in Perl. Fennec
 looks to existing solutions for most problems, so long as the existing
 solutions help meet the features listed below:
  * You can fork, and run assertions (tests) in both processes,
  * Encapsulated test groups can be run individually, without running the
    entire file,
  * Tests groups can be sorted, randomized, or sorted via a custom method,
  * Fennec is compatible with Test::Builder based tools,
  * Test::Builder2 supportis in-place, but experimental,
  * Fennec is configurable to work on alternatives to Test::Builder,
  * You do not need to put anything such as done_testing() at the end of your
    test file,
  * You do not need to worry about test counts,
  * Diagnostic messages are grouped with the failed test.