Binary package “libxdmf3” in ubuntu disco

eXtensible Data Model and Format library

 The need for a standardized method to exchange scientific data between
 High Performance Computing codes and tools lead to the development of the
 eXtensible Data Model and Format (XDMF) . Uses for XDMF range from a
 standard format used by HPC codes to take advantage of widely used
 visualization programs like ParaView and VisIt,
 to a mechanism for performing coupled calculations using multiple,
 previously stand alone codes.
 XDMF uses XML to store Light data and to describe the data Model.
 HDF5 is used to store Heavy data. The data Format is stored redundantly
 in both XML and HDF5. This allows tools to parse XML to determine the
 resources that will be required to access the Heavy data.
 This package provides a version built on the serial version of HDF5.