Binary package “ossim-core” in ubuntu disco

OSSIM core utilities

 Open Source Software Image Map (OSSIM) is a high performance engine for
 remote sensing, image processing, geographical information systems and
 photogrammetry. It has been actively developed since 1996.
 Designed as a series of high performance software libraries, it is
 written in C++ employing the latest techniques in object-oriented
 software design.
 The library provides advanced remote sensing, image processing, and
 geo-spatial functionality. A quick summary of OSSIM functionality
 includes ortho-rectification, precision terrain correction, rigorous
 sensor models, very large mosaics, and cross sensor fusions, a wide
 range of map projections and datums, and a large range of commercial
 and government data formats. The architecture of the library supports
 parallel processing with mpi (not enabled), a dynamic plugin architecture,
 and dynamically connectable objects allowing rapid prototyping of custom
 image processing chains.
 This package includes core tools that use the OSSIM library to
 perform some basic tasks.