Binary package “pcb-rnd” in ubuntu disco

Modular Printed Circuit Board layout tool

 pcb-rnd is a highly modular PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout tool
 with a rich set of plugins for communicating with various external
 design tools and other EDA/CAD packages.
 Feature highlights:
   - subcircuits, pad stacks
   - flexible footprint model; unrestricted pad shapes
   - arbitrary copper, silk, paste and soldermask objects
   - sophisticated, flexible layer model
   - flexible/universal polygon model
   - any object, even polygons, can have a clearance within a polygon
   - advanced mil and mm grid, with support for mixed unit design
   - strong CLI support
   - static footprints and parametric (generated) footprints
   - query language for advanced search & select
   - layout optimizers such as teardrops and a trace puller
   - footprint library from local file systems, HTTP and board files
   - netlist management: imported and as-built; back annotation
   - design rule checker
 File formats and compatibility:
   - text based, tree structured native file format
   - gerber (export)
   - KiCad, s-expr format boards (read, write)
   - KiCad, s-expr format elements (write)
   - KiCad, legacy text format boards (write)
   - KiCad, eeschema netlist+footprint info (import)
   - tEDAx footprints (read, write)
   - tEDAx netlist (read)
   - Autotrax (protel) pcb boards (read, write)
   - Eagle XML format boards and libraries (read)
   - Eagle binary format boards and libraries (read)
   - Eagle DRU files (read)
   - Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx (read/write)
   - gEDA/PCB (read, write)
   - Specctra DSN (partial import/export, for
   - flat EDIF netlist (import)
   - HPGL plot files (import)
   - openSCAD colored 3d model script (export)
   - ltspice netlist+footprint info (import)
   - Mentor Graphics Design Capture netlist+footprint info (import)
   - MUCS unixplot (partial import: lines, vias)
   - gEDA/gschem netlist+footprint info (import)
   - TinyCAD netlist+footprint info (import)
   - breadboard assembly drawing png (export)
   - BoM (Bill of Materials; export)
   - dxf, 2d drawings (export)
   - fidocadj board (export)
   - gcode (export)
   - nelma (export)
   - PNG, JPEG, GIF (export with photo-realistic render option)
   - postscript: ps, eps (export)
   - svg (export)
   - xy: template based, multi-format footprint/coord list (export)