Binary package “pius” in ubuntu disco

Tools to help before and after key-signing parties

 After a key-signing party, pius (the PGP Individual UID Signer) signs each
 uid on a GPG key individually. Each signature is encrypted and mailed to
 the email address associated with that particular uid. As a result of this
 process, the recipient can choose which signatures to import. Also,
 signatures of inactive uids are not delivered. This tool greatly reduces
 time and error when signing keys.
 Other tools herein are useful for organizers: pius-keyring-mgr builds a party
 keyring from a CSV file or by scanning mailboxes, and pius-party-worksheet
 generates a worksheet as a hand out. If someone has not signed your key,
 pius-report can analyze a party keyring and remind them.
 This version supports GPGv2 and uses it by default.