Binary package “pk4” in ubuntu disco

make available the Debian source package producing the specified package

 pk4 resolves the specified argument(s) as either:
 1. the name of a Debian binary package, and selects its Debian source package.
 2. the name of a Debian source package, and selects it.
 3. or a file path, and selects the Debian source package of the owning package.
 The source package version is either the installed version (if any) or the
 installation candidate, as per “apt-cache policy”.
 Then, pk4 downloads the entire selected source package (every file referenced
 by — and including — its .dsc file) and prints the output directory path.
 • caps the disk usage of the checked out packages by deleting the oldest ones
   after crossing a limit (default: 2GiB).
 • allows users to enable supplied or shipped-with-pk4 hooks, e.g. git-init.
 • optimizes for low latency of each operation.
 • respects your APT configuration, i.e. should work in company intranets.
 • comes with tab completion for bash and zsh.
 • tries hard to download source packages, with fallback to