Binary package “plantuml” in ubuntu disco

text-to-UML converter

 PlantUML is a program allowing to draw UML diagrams, using a simple
 human readable text description.
 PlantUML supports the following UML diagrams:
   - sequence diagram
   - use case diagram
   - class diagram
   - activity diagram
   - component diagram
   - state diagram
   - object diagram
   - deployment diagram
   - timing diagram
 The following non-UML diagrams are also supported:
   - wireframe graphical interface (Salt)
   - Archimate diagram
   - Specification and Description Language (SDL)
   - Ditaa diagram
   - Gantt diagram
   - mathematics with AsciiMath or JLaTeXMath notation
 Output images can be generated in PNG, in SVG or LaTeX format.
 PlantUML also supports generation of ASCII art diagrams (only for
 sequence diagrams).