Binary package “podracer” in ubuntu disco

podcast aggregator/downloader

 Podracer is a podcast downloader. It takes a file with the URLs to all your
 podcast rss feeds and goes and gets the mp3s and stores them in a specified
 Podracer has the following features:
    * Catchup feature updates the log without downloading all podcasts;
    * Run as a cron job to automatically receive podcasts;
    * Properly fails (with no error message for the sake of cron) if already
    * Download podcast enclosures of any file format;
    * Support for BitTorrent downloading and seeding of podcasts;
    * Configurable seed time management and upload bandwidth management;
    * Background torrent seeding continues after program ends and stops
    * System-wide and user-specific configuration;
    * User-specific subscription file and podcast download directories;
    * Commentable subscription file - go ahead and mark it up;
    * Fully configurable placement of files and directories;
    * Support for dynamic creation of download directories, i.e. based on
    * Appears in podcasters' logs as a podcast aggregator;
    * Automatic creation of m3u playlists;
    * User may request that m3u not be created;
    * Automatic removal of empty download directories.