Binary package “prads” in ubuntu disco

Passive Real-time Asset Detection System

 PRADS is a Passive Real-time Asset Detection System.
 PRADS employs digital fingerprints to recognize services on the wire,
 and can be used to map your network and monitor for changes in real
 Real-time passive traffic analysis will also let you detect assets
 that are just connected to the network for a short period of time,
 since PRADS can glean useful information from every packet.
 PRADS aims to be the one-stop-shop for passive asset detection, and
 currently does MAC lookups, TCP and UDP OS fingerprinting as well as
 client and service application matching and a connection state table.
 Various output plugins include logfile and FIFO and make PRADS a
 useful replacement for p0f, pads and sancp.
 PRADS was built from the ground up for a small footprint and modern
 networks with IPv6 and gigabits of throughput.