Binary package “python-mvpa2” in ubuntu disco

multivariate pattern analysis with Python v. 2

 PyMVPA eases pattern classification analyses of large datasets, with an
 accent on neuroimaging. It provides high-level abstraction of typical
 processing steps (e.g. data preparation, classification, feature selection,
 generalization testing), a number of implementations of some popular
 algorithms (e.g. kNN, Ridge Regressions, Sparse Multinomial Logistic
 Regression), and bindings to external machine learning libraries (libsvm,
 While it is not limited to neuroimaging data (e.g. fMRI, or EEG) it
 is eminently suited for such datasets.
 This is a package of PyMVPA v.2. Previously released stable version
 is provided by the python-mvpa package.