Binary package “qpdfview” in ubuntu disco

tabbed document viewer

 qpdfview is a simple tabbed document viewer which uses the Poppler library for
 PDF rendering and CUPS for printing and provides a clear and simple Qt
 graphical user interface. Support for the DjVu and PostScript formats can be
 added via plugins.
 Current features include:
   - Outline, properties and thumbnail panes
   - Scale, rotate and fit
   - Fullscreen and presentation views
   - Continuous and multi-page layouts
   - Search for text (PDF and DjVu only)
   - Configurable toolbars
   - SyncTeX support (PDF only)
   - Partial annotation support (PDF only, Poppler version 0.20.1 or newer)
   - Partial form support (PDF only)
   - Persistent per-file settings
   - Support for DjVu and PostScript documents via plugins