Binary package “rdmacm-utils” in ubuntu disco

Examples for the librdmacm library

 librdmacm is a library that allows applications to set up reliable
 connected and unreliable datagram transfers when using RDMA adapters.
 It provides a transport-neutral interface in the sense that the same
 code can be used for both InfiniBand and iWARP adapters. The
 interface is based on sockets, but adapted for queue pair (QP) based
 semantics: communication must use a specific RDMA device, and data
 transfers are message-based.
 librdmacm only provides communication management (connection setup
 and tear-down) and works in conjunction with the verbs interface
 provided by libibverbs, which provides the interface used to actually
 transfer data.
 This package contains useful librdmacm1 example programs such as
 rping and udaddy.

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