Binary package “redet” in ubuntu disco

regular expression development and execution tool

 Redet allows the user to construct regular expressions and test them against
 input data by executing any of a variety of search programs, editors,
 and programming languages that make use of regular expressions. When a
 suitable regular expression has been constructed it may be saved to a file.
 Redet stands for Regular Expression Development and Execution
 Tool. For each program, a palette showing the available regular expression
 syntax is provided. Selections from the palette may be copied to the
 regular expression window with a mouse click. Users may add their own
 definitions to the palette via their initialization file.
 Redet also keeps a list of the regular expressions executed, from which
 entries may be copied back into the regular expression under construction.
 The history list is saved to a file and restored on startup, so it
 persists across sessions.
 So long as the underlying program supports Unicode, Redet allows UTF-8
 Unicode in both test data and regular expressions.