Binary package “sgmltools-lite” in ubuntu disco

convert DocBook SGML source into HTML using DSSSL

 A text-formatting package based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup
 Language), which allows you to produce TeX/DVI/PS/PDF, HTML, RTF, and
 plain ASCII (currently via w3m by default) from a single source with
 other recommended and suggested packages; due to the flexible nature
 of SGML, many other target formats are possible.
 This tool can not handle DocBook XML yet. For DocBook SGML only.
 HTML can be generated without any other Debian text processing package,
 but for the other formats the appropriate packages have to be installed.
 You need to install lynx or w3m for ASCII text output (w3m is the default
 txt backend). Also jadetex is required for PS and PDF, and
 linuxdoc-tools for ld2db conversion.
 This system is tailored for writing technical software documentation,
 an example of which are the Linux HOWTO documents. However, there is
 nothing Linux-specific about this package; it can be used for many
 other types of documentation on many other systems. It should be
 useful for all kinds of printed and online documentation.
 The package was formerly called linuxdoc-sgml because it originates
 from the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). The name has been changed
 into sgmltools to make it clearer that there is no Linux-specific
 stuff included in this package.
 This is the latest version of the sgmltools series and the successor of
 sgmltools v2.