Binary package “shush” in ubuntu disco

runs a command and optionally reports its output by mail

 shush was written to be a generic wrapper around cron jobs so that it can be
 applied to any command without having to modify it or create a custom wrapper
 for it. In a sense, it solves a fairly simple problem, but it also brings some
 powerful features making it a useful tool beyond cron jobs.
 Feature highlights:
   * Multiple reports (for the output) may be defined
   * Decision to send a report (or not) is configurable based on:
     - Output content analysis (using regular expressions)
     - Command exit code
     - Size of output
     - Command execution duration
   * Support for plain text, enriched text and HTML report formatting.
     (The latter two allow rendering part of the output in bold.)
   * Various timeout actions such as notification and command termination
   * Locking support
   * Progress report logging via syslog
   * Automatic crontab file updating based on shush's configuration