Binary package “sia” in ubuntu disco

Blockchain-based marketplace for file storage

 Sia is a decentralized cloud storage platform aimed at giving users
 control of their data. Data is split into hundreds of erasure coded
 pieces and encrypted locally, and then each piece is uploaded to a
 separate host. A blockchain is used to create cryptographic contracts
 ensuring that hosts will only get paid if they actually store the
 data. Out of hundreds of hosts, only a fraction are required to
 recover the original file.
 Anybody can join the network as a host and get income from the
 storage they contribute. This openness allows Sia to build and take
 advantage of a global network of small datacenters. Combined with
 advanced algorithms for storing and retrieving data, Sia is poised to
 be a highly competitive cloud storage platform. More information
 about the technology can be found on our website and in the 'doc'
 folder of the repo.
 Sia is ready for use with small sums of money and non-critical files,
 but until the network has a more proven track record, we advise
 against using it as a sole means of storing important data.