Binary package “snmpsim” in ubuntu disco

SNMP agent simulator

 SNMP Simulator is a software that would act like a multitude of real
 physical devices from SNMP Manager's point of view. Simulator builds
 and uses a database of physical devices' SNMP footprints to respond
 like their real counterparts do.
 Typical use case for this software starts with recording a snapshot
 of SNMP objects of donor agents into text files. Once you have your
 snapshots at hand, a simulator script could be run over the snapshots
 responding to SNMP queries in the same way as donor SNMP agents did
 at the time of recording.
 Technically, SNMP Simulator is a multi-context SNMP agent. That means
 that it handles multiple sets of managed object all at once. Each
 device is simulated within a dedicated SNMP context.