Binary package “snooze” in ubuntu disco

run a command at a particular time

 `snooze` is a tool for waiting until a particular time and then
 running a command. Together with a service supervision system such as
 runit, this can be used to replace cron(8).
 Benefits over cron:
  - mnemonic syntax
  - no overlapping job runs possible
  - filtering by ISO week and day of year
  - due to supervision, no centralized daemon required
  - due to supervision, can easily disable jobs or force their
    execution instantly
  - due to supervision, have custom logs
  - due to no centralized daemon, no fuzzing with multiple users/permissions
  - very robust with respect to external time changes
  - can use a file timestamp to ensure minimum waiting time between two
    runs, even across reboots
  - randomized delays (some cron have that)
  - variable slack (no need for anacron)
  - ad-hoc usage possible, just run the program from command line
 Benefits over runwhen:
  - less confusing usage (arguably)
  - filtering by ISO week and day of year
  - zero dependencies
 Benefits over uschedule:
  - no centralized daemon required
  - filtering by ISO week and day of year