Binary package “starman” in ubuntu disco

high-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server

 Starman is a PSGI perl web server that has unique features such as:
  * High Performance - Uses the fast XS/C HTTP header parser
  * Preforking - Spawns workers preforked like most high performance UNIX
    servers do. Starman also reaps dead children and automatically restarts
    the worker pool.
  * Signals - Supports HUP for graceful restarts, and TTIN/TTOU to
    dynamically increase or decrease the number of worker processes.
  * Superdaemon aware - Supports Server::Starter for hot deploy and
    graceful restarts.
  * Multiple interfaces and UNIX Domain Socket support - Able to listen
    on multiple intefaces including UNIX sockets.
  * Small memory footprint - Preloading the applications with --preload-app
    command line option enables copy-on-write friendly memory management.
    Also, the minimum memory usage Starman requires for the master process
    is 7MB and children (workers) is less than 3.0MB.
  * PSGI compatible - Can run any PSGI applications and frameworks
  * HTTP/1.1 support - Supports chunked requests and responses, keep-alive
    and pipeline requests.