Binary package “stiff” in ubuntu disco

convert scientific FITS images to the TIFF format

 STIFF is a program that converts scientific FITS images to the TIFF format
 for illustration purposes. The main features of STIFF are:
  * Accurate reproduction of the original surface brightnesses and colours
  * Automatic or manual contrast and brightness adjustments
  * Automatic sky background intensity and colour balance
  * Adjustable colour saturation
  * Colour-friendly gamma correction capabilities
  * One or three input channels: gray-scale or true colour output
  * Output with 8 or 16 bits per component
  * Pixel rebinning and x/y flip options
  * Support for arbitrarily large input and output images on standard
    hardware (BigTIFF support)
  * Support for tiled, multiresolution pyramids
  * Support for lossless and lossy compression methods
  * Multi-threaded code with load-balancing to take advantage of multiple
    cores and processors.
  * XML VOTable-compliant output of meta-data.