Binary package “syncmaildir” in ubuntu disco

mailbox synchronization tools

 Sync Mail Dir is a set of utilities to synchronize a pair of mailboxes
 in Maildir format, using SSH to transfer data. It provides the smd-pull
 utility to pull changes made on the remote mailbox, smd-push to propagate
 local changes to the remote mailbox, and smd-loop to iterate push and pull
 in a timely way.
 The software is young and should thus be used with care in production
 Unlike OfflineIMAP, it does not require an IMAP server to be installed on the
 remote host. Moreover, it never attempts to automatically resolve conflicts
 between incompatible mailbox statuses - it just notifies the user explaining
 how to fix the problem.
 Sync Mail Dir's design is similar to that of Maildirsync, but is more
 efficient in terms of CPU cycles and disk I/O.