Binary package “tdiary-core” in ubuntu disco

Communication-friendly weblog system

 tDiary is a weblog system, which makes your weblog communication-friendly for
 the writer (you) and readers. It consists of Ruby scripts for CGI (Common
 Gateway Interface). The followings are the main features:
  * Comments: readers can post comments to each entry like message boards.
  * Links: Each entry can show referers from which readers come so that you
    can see others write about the entry.
  * Trackback: tDiary can send and receive trackbacks.
  * Theme: You can easily change the design called `theme' of your weblog.
    Many themes are included in `tdiary-theme' package.
  * Plugin: You can add many functionalities called `plugins' to tDiary. Many
    plugins are included in `tdiary-plugin' package.
  * Pages for Handhelds: tDiary is able to serve especially small and
    terse documents for PDAs and mobile phones.
  * Writing Style: HTML is not required to write entries. Plain text is
    converted to HTML by tDiary. The converting grammars are called `styles'.
    Many styles are available.